Romantic idyllic castle located in between the vineyards

Thaller’s Winery in Maierhofbergen

High above Maierhofern, nestled in vineyards and blooming gardens, with a view of the Riegersburg fortress, there is the wine castle of the Thaller family.

As a typical family business, the Thallers live, work and think in generations. A foundation, built by winemaker and red wine pinion Koarl with his wife Maria, seals with the six children a continuous and quality-oriented development.

With the opening of the wine castle, a crown was put on this and a total work of art was erected to make wine tangible with all senses and to create a place for all people. A place of enthusiasm was born and is today symbiosis between people, nature and pleasure, creates joy in life and allows unique moments to be experienced together.

Stop in – come to rest and simply enjoy – have fun with life!

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