Creative Team Painting with physical Distance!

Big Picture Team-Painting

starting from 2 hours 10 to 300 Participants regardless of weather conditions Austria-wide

Notice in advance: It’s gonna be a little indecent during this remarkable Team Building Programme. Experiments with various forms and colours may lead to blotted cloth among the participants. BUT no worries: The most important outcome of this event will be a huge load of Teamspirit.

Since the participants of this very special painting workshop have to demonstrate strong communication skills and precision, this team building event promotes different skills within your team. Creativity and inspiration will be encouraged as well.

The central element of the event is an illustration of your choice (e.g. company logo, new product, company mascot,..). The picture will be split up into many small pieces.  Every single participant will be responsible for its own part of the big picture.

Since we care about your employees (and our guides as well) and follow the instructions of the government, we will provide you with spacious venue options for this team event. We will provide a setting with sufficient room between the participants. 

As everybody of your team will be provided with his or her own blank canvas, physical contact between the participants will not be required at any time. Instead conversations are important in order to create smooth transitions between the individual parts of the big picture.

In the end all parts are collected by us. The mood is fine and the excitement is unrivalled when everyone stares at the covered artwork. Background music will make the atmosphere even better. Then the moment of unveiling has arrived: An absolutely unique BIG PICTURE shines in full brightness.

This is the power of team spirit made visible in an extraordinary common painting.

Let’s be honest: You can’t buy a more unique eye-catcher on the office wall?