A challenge filled with contemplative moments!

Styrian Christmas

starting from 2 hours 15 to 200 Participants Austria-wide

Experience and enjoy this special evening amid styrian hospitality and warmth. You will stay at a traditional wine tavern. The rustic homeliness will convince all along the line. Savory food and tasty wines – served in the cozy atmosphere of romantic cellar vaults of the local wine taverns.

The Christ child is already waiting for you and the other participants of this event at the location. It has prepared delicious mulled wine in the kettle above the bonfire.

After sipping this delicacy the Christmas Olympic Games, which are set up especially for you, will begin. It will be great fun, which requires muscles as well as other skills like precision and accuracy. But first the group will be split up into teams which compete against each others. They will fight for points in various challenges like the scent-bar, Christmas tree decorations-throwing to a target and many others.

The winners will be awarded at the award ceremony which takes place after the games.