The ultimate experience and the most refreshing summer special

Beach Games

1 day 10 to 250 Participants Austria-wide

Do you fancy a sea adventure?

Experience a day packed with summer joy and highly entertaining activities. This special team programme which includes three stations at the lake you prefer, will generate long lasting memories.

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere at the location and take part in the exciting game stations. Action and fun will take in a huge part of the day.

Choose your preferred package yourself: Either your activity-package consists of a dragonboat race, a XXL SUP challenge & a volleyball tournament. Or the activities include a giant table soccer tournament, a XXL SUP challenge & a volleyball tournament.

The spirit inside your teams will be brilliant since there are many tasks which need  to be carried out jointly. After designing a team flag the participants will create a battle cry. Following that the teams demonstrate their skills and phyiscal strength at the dragon boat race, human table football and at the beach volleyball matches. Save as many points as possible and try to reach the podium with your team. The medal ceremony follows the tournament and will be held on site.

We will also provide you with delicious snacks from the region during the day.