A hearty Team Building for every season!

Farmer Olympics

starting from 3 hours 15 to 250 Participants Austria-wide

This team building is a hearty program which will for sure cause a lot of fun and laugher.  With the farmer olympics you cannot do anything wrong. It includes various different challenges like stemming the stein, the milking challenge, competitions in sawing and nailing as well as rubber boot throwing. We are convinced that you are skillful enough to accomplish the tasks with brilliance. Add a little bit of muscle power and team spirit and your chance to win will increase. Even though this team building contains a little bit of a competitive aspect the main focus is put on team development and amusement.

No matter if summer or winter – these activity stations are a popular throughout the year. Pure entertainment is guaranteed.

The award ceremony which honours the best „farmers“ of the day will be held directly after the competitions are finished. Which team will receive the golden hens in the end?