Accomplish the secret mission!

Secret agent tour

ab 4 Stunden 10 to 80 Participants österreichweit

A bomb was found! For the time of this challenge you will slip into the role of an agent. Try to save the world from total destruction!

In the beginning of the secret mission every team receives technical instructions and tips for handling the equipment. The required equipment an agent needs includes the Tesla, an iPad and a roadbook.

After that you’re redy to start the adventure. Do your best to navigate to given places and accomplish the tasks you are confronted with. Try to find out the secret numbers and keep them. A special task is the compass challenge where you have to solve tricky riddles with runes, which you have to decode. The dark room will require a strong team working together in order to crack the save and find important hints. All tasks can be mastered as a team.

But pay attention! The object found is a time bomb – the clock is ticking!
Strategy and analytical capability are required to break the code in the end and defuse the bomb.