Virtual Team Game

Digital Event for Home Office Teams

2 hours 10 to 500 Participants regardless of weather conditions worldwide

New working situations require new types of Team Buildings.

Remote workplaces and Teamwork can be a promising combination. The most important aspects for this combination to turn out successful are internal communication, cohesion and the feeling of belonging to the company. Therefore we’ve developed a perfectly fitting team building programme.

Completely virtual, easy to realise & absolutely entertaining. That are just some of the benefits. All of the participants log in via laptop and smartphone. Than they can already start off this fun team event. Divided into teams, your employees will have to demonstrate time management and strategical skills. In addition they are asked to show creativity, general and company related knowledge as well as speed.

After all the team which has gained the highest total in points will be announced as the winner-team of the Virtual Team Day.

Your RETTER EVENTS Game Master will lead you through this team program and be there for all of your questions. Each of the participants needs a standard commercial PC or a laptop with webcam as well as a smartphone to install the app for the game on. A stable internet connection is required as well.

That’s how we connect brains even if they are situated in multiple different locations like f.e. home offices. Through this digital way of bringing people together we boost Inspiration, push innovational Thinking and bring fresh Motivation into your Team. Arising challenges will be taken on with a proactive attitude.

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