Clever brains wanted! Discover, combine and wonder!

Escape Box

starting from 30 minutes 8 to 100 Participants regardlesse of weather conditions Austria-wide

Your team will be introduced to this cooperative game which turns out to be a merciless challenge.

Brain twisters will be a genuine challenge for you and your team members. This teambuilding is an experience contains magical happenings, fascinating assignments and thrilling moments. Besides knowledge questions and other tasks requiring active involvement and certain motor skills will be needed.
In small teams you will try to crack codes and solve tricky riddles in order to open the locked box and uncover the inexcplicable.

Engage this unique and new challenge. Our mobile Escape Boxes can be taken to your location all over Austria. No matter if you want to play it as a table game at your company christmas party or as an entertaining teambuilding activity – the Escape Box supports fun and communication!