Prater amusement park iChallenge

Discover the city of Vienna with hightech equipment!

starting from 2,5 hours 15 to 400 Participants Vienna

Let’s go – Viennas huge Prater amusement park is waiting for you!!

The Prater is exciting and provides fun and entertainment with its numerous attractions and stations. The world-famous ferris wheel that overlooks the city of Vienna is only one of them. At the same time there are numerous tranquil and peaceful places which invite visitors to relax and enjoy their stay to the fullest. In the area of the green Prater sunbathing lawns, shady trees and quiet trails offer the ideal setting for the iChallenge!

After the division of the group into teams the participants are on their way to the various checkpoints they have to find. At each of those spots the teams have to solve a riddle, answer a tricky question, take a special picture, a short video clip or find a sight. Of course every participant will receive a voucher which can be redeemed at one of the countless attractions in the Prater.
Afterwards it’s getting exciting: Which team catched the highest number of points and will win the coveted medals?

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