Friuli Venezia Giulia

Apart from mass tourism where secret spots excite visitors!

starting from 2 days 10 to 200 Participants Italy

Historically exciting and full of mediterranean joy of life: This is what’s unique for the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Enjoy the stunning scenary of the Friulan Dolomites, vineyards, picturesque coastlines and lagoons while sipping a good glass of wine or freshly bottled juice.

Located in the North-East of Italy the region offers not only culinary temptations but also natural beauty. The varying landscapes display themselves in a new light every time you look at them. Visit the capital city of the Region Udine to find beautiful spots to marvel at.

In the past the town Cividale was one of the most important places of the region. It is absolutely impressive and worth visiting. It is therefore for good reason a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Enjoy Italian cuisine which is rich of irrestible tastes and mediterranean flavours.

Furthermore you will visit the fascinating castle Miramare. There you can get insights into the interesting history of the region.


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