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The country of flavours, colours and aromas!


starting from 4 days 10 to 200 Participants Morocco

You are eager to dive into the world of bright colours and intensive aromas?

This incentive trip, whill cause a natural feel of aliveness within you and all of the participants of this journey. Unforgettable places and valuable gifts of nature will be both absolutely fascinating to visit and intriguing to discover.

Since the range of opportunities is broad we will definitely find the right activities that suit your group.

Inspiration required? How about an Offroad Quad Tour through the desert.

Morocco is versatile in every respect. Not only its inhabitants but also the architecture which can be marvelled at and the music you can listen at. Beyond that the linguistic diversity is pretty complex. So the languages used in Morocco include Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Moroccan Arabix, Amazigh, French and Spanish. English has recently started to gain significance as well. Therefore many Moroccans, especially the young generation, is multilungual.

Are you aware how often you encounter Moroccan influences here in the West?

One of the most popular examples is Paulo Coelho’s novel “the Alchimist” which was first published in 1988. Anothr famous example is the Oscar-winning Film “Casablanca”, which is one of the most famous romances of all times.

Don’t miss the chance to take a walk in the busy souks to find typical spices and souvenirs.

We will be happy to support you in organising your next incentive trip and respond to your individual wishes!