The Hi-Tech Scavenger Hunt!

iPad Rallye

starting from 2,5 hours 15 to 400 Participants regardless of weather conditions Austria-wide

From point A to point B!

The iPad Rallye is the newest version of a GPS Rallye. Everything that is available in terms of modern computer technique is used for this programme.

For usual geocaching only simple GPS devices are required. This tablet rallye is supported by the modern technique of multifunctional iPads.
Your iPad Rallye will be tailor-made to your individual needs. We will integrate special tasks for the participants on request. Of course the length of the rallye is variable.

In order to convey your company values your can book the iPad Rallye as an Incentive as well as a teambuilding programme or even as a sightseeing-tour through the city you prefer.

The teams do not only compete against each other but also against the time. While exploring the surroundings and looking for sights the teams will take funny pictures, shoot short videos and solve some tricky questions as well as other demanding tasks. In the end all points will be added up to the teams total scores. Which one will win and reach the top of the podium?