Culinary Experience for remote Teams

Online Workshops with Culinary Delights

starting from 0,5 h 10 to 500 Participants regardless of weather conditions worldwide

Online Team Experience for Culinary Enthusiasts:

Welcome to our virtual Team-Tasting-Room, where sweet and savory delights await you and your colleagues.

Together with our local partners we chose the best ingredients and created some special recipes for tasteful online workshops. The development process for our digital tasting experiences was extremely exciting – and sooo yummy. That’s exactly what you will also taste during your aromatic team workshop. Prior to your team event we will deliver culinary boxes to all participants home-offices. They are filled with everything you will need for your upcoming online-workshop.
Now it’s time for you to decide which one you would like to enjoy together with your teammates:

  • Craft Beer Tasting: There’s a lot to know about beer brewing. Collect new insights and knowledge about the topic while drinking a variety of aromatically different beers. Our beer expert will answer to all of your questions and guides you through an interesting workshop.
  • Wine Aroma Tour: Virtually connected to a true wine expert and to the rest or your team you will enjoy your first online wine tasting session. Our sommelier will select some special bottles of wine which will sent to you in advance. At your online team event you will learn everything about those wines and hear interesting stories.
  • Whisky Workshop: This online tasting promises deep conversations and a lot of new information in the field of whisky. If you are interested in different kinds of Whisky and its history as well as the production techniques this is the right remote team-workshop for you.
  • Chocolate Tasting: Dark chocolate, white chocolate bar with crunchy of rather finest nougat-chocolate with fruits? Your chocolate related options are great in number and in taste. Experience it yourself while your workshop leader (a real chocoholic) will guide you through your tasting event and provide you with interesting information around the products.
  • Ring Cake-Workshop & Pesto-Tasting: See you in the bakery! Heat your oven and get into your starting position. We will meet you and your team virtually for this special baking event. We will guide you: Step-by-step each of the team will bake his/her own cake. The benefit of the online workshop compared to one, where all of you would be at the same physical baking location? You can eat all cake your own!

We are curious about your preferences and choice of workshop. Let us know which one we can serve you and your team. Look forward to real delicacies, inspiring talks and aromatic team memories.

Required Equipment:

Everything the participants need for this virtual event:

  • stable Internet Connection
  • Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop which will be used to communicate via video call with the other participants and the workshop guide.

One of our RETTER EVENTS Guides will guide you and your team through your event and makes sure that everybody experiences a memorable time. In case of technical challenges or other issues the game master will give support.