Explore the air professionally

Drone workshop

about 3,5 hours 10 to 50 Participants Austria and neighbouring countries

Innovation meets team building!

It goes up high! This workshop gives flight enthusiasts a first insight into drone flying and shows valuable tips & tricks. Those who keep a cool head and a steady hand will be right at the front. During the training, the handling and basic knowledge will be taught: what are the restrictions? Where are you allowed to fly? How do you control the drone? But we don’t want to dwell too long on that – you’ll get to work yourself straight away.

With a little practice, you’ll be flying along quite safely and mastering your first flight attempts with small tasks. How good are you at the course and how skilfully do you avoid the obstacles? Try out the photo function too!

At the end, if you wish, there is a timed race including an award ceremony where you can win the title of king of the skies.