Save Christmas!

Santa Claus is calling

starting from 1,5 hours 15 to 150 Participants Austria-wide

The phone rings and doesn’t stop. It belongs to Santa Claus who is already busy with Christmas preparations. The festival of love and community is getting closer and there is still a lot of work to do. During the phone conversation the Grinch is creeping up. He pulls out the list with the wishes of all kids from Santas pocket.

In order to save Christmas and to prevent a huge disaster, the participants of this programme are asked to help Santa Claus. A stylish retro-optic phone and an iPad will be the supportive equipment for each team to find out where Grinch is. Are you on the right track? Investigative skills are required as well as logical thinking and communicative skills.

Try to combine all hints in the right way and figue out Grinch’s hiding place. Together you will hopefully save all Christmas wishes.