Become an official cookie tester!

Cookies make the world a better place!

starting from 3 hours 15 to 40 Participants Austria-wide

Omm nom nom.

We are convinced: A balanced diet is one cookie in each hand. Sometimes even more than one. 😉

This programme brings back childhood memories.

A perfect idea for christmas time if you want your team to calm down and experience some reflective and tranquil moments. We will make sure that you can experience a day without stress and hectic. While baking cookies together, decorating them and discussing about the best recipe you will enjoy a realxed atmosphere.

What is your favourite cookie cutter: star, angel or christmas tree? We are sure all of them have a unique taste.

Don’t forget to take the tray out of the oven in time. Now you can enjoy some freshly baked cookies. But don’t nibble all of them – keep some for the rest of the pre-Christmas season.

Some cups of delicious hot mulled wine will support an unforgettable taste experience. The most valuable aspect of this event is the time spent together. No matter if christmas party, team building or company celebration – this event will bring christmas spirit into your team.