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Green & Clean - the most sustainable Team Challenge!

Segway Team Trophy

starting from 3 hours 15 to 120 Participants Austria-wide

This programme constitutes a special challenge that combines innovation, sustainability and motor skills.

What counts in the end is the joint team effort of the whole team.

The group will be divided into small teams which have to complete different tasks. Dexterity and sensitivity are required to perform well. The E-Scooters will be the perfect devices to complete the stations. Furthermore the participants will experience a totally new way of movement. Radiating modern style while being quiet but not necessarily slow – those are the characteristics of a Segway. After a brief introduction the driving part is already about to start!

Besides Segway Basketball, a Segway race and Segway Speed Stacking also Segway Biathlon is included as a station in this trophy.

Collect as many as possible of the precious points to raise your teams chances to win. Believe us – the medals will be good looking on you!