Show your teams planning, communication and building skills!

Raft Building Workshop

starting from 2 hours 10 to 96 Participants Austria-wide

This is probably the best alternative to motorboating. The raft building workshop requires a good strategy, teamwork and communicative skills. Beyond that common sense will help a lot to overcome this challenge.

Before the participants set sail, the floating island has to be built. After an introduction to knot techniques it’s the teams turn. They can build the raft however they like to. The only thing to bear in mind is that it should float in the end.

Communicative skills, forward thinking and anticipatory action as well as responsible behavior are requested.

This workshop can ideally be carried out as a joint project. Of course we can extend this event on request with a little race on the water. The winning team will be awarded in the end at the medal ceremony.

Action, fun and lasting memories are guaranteed in this teambuilding programme.