More efficiency and success for your team!

TopTeam PowerCamp

1 day 15 to 100 Participants Austria-wide

TopTeam instead of a flopteam? Ok, your choice is pretty much obvient. But which are the central aspects of successful teams? We have identified the key characteristics and subsequently developed this team programme in order to focus on these specific factors.

Experience a day filled with cooperative tasks, clear and efficient communication as well as shared goals. Our vast experience and generated knowledge is bundled and ready to support your team. Targeted exercises and special team building games will promote mutual trust,  conflict ability and appreciation within the team.

Our repertoire offers a wide range of team games: Stack Man, Collaboration Puzzle, Pathfinder and many more. According to status quo and the objective we will find the right package of exercises for you.

Make your employees experience the meaning of “Teamspirit” in a totally new way.

Our well instructed coaches will respond to individual wishes and work with you and your team on special topics like conflict management, mutual trust and commitment. Maurizio Nuzzaci or Toni Harrer are our professionals for your seminar event. That’s how your perfectly prepare your team to reach future success.