On the traces of the King of thieves!

Expedition Robin Hood

starting from 3 hours 15 to 150 Participants Austria-wide

Together we can accomplish everything!
All members have to cooperate with each other in order to reach the common goal of buiding a “Robin Hood Hut” in which all participants fit. It requires the bundling of all forces of the team. The members have to use their full potential for acting strategically and smart.
All of the skills and strengths existent within the team are important to master the challenges.

Devided into teams you will hike through woods and meadows. You will look for hidden clues with a map and a compass. Besides that, you will learn how to handle bow and arrow. There are several stations to complete as a team to receive “gemstones” which can be exchanged for material to build the hut.
To round off the day the participates are invited to bake their own bread on a stick. This is the perfect opportunity to review the high points of the day as well as the biggest challenges.