Polaroid cameras accompany your natural adventure!

Retro Photo Safari

starting from 3 hours 15 to 200 Participants Austria-wide

Enjoyment and relaxation in natural surrounding are inherent in this event as well as the aspect of the beneficial effects of movement in the fresh air and sunlight.

It is an entertaining and adventurous expedition that facilitates recovery and at the same time it boosts team spirit. After the division into teams and a short briefing in how to use the equipment the participants can start their safari outdoors.

On their way they carry a survival-pack, a roadbook and a polaroid camera with them. Each team has to find certain checkpoints and fulfill the set tasks.

In order to collect as many points as possible, the team needs to reach an agreement concerning the navigation. Besides that, the participants need to be creative in the solution of certain tasks.

The safari is a special team building programme which combines a lot of fun with adventurous components and supports team cohesion.