Team Pyramid

Construct an impressive building from cardboard!

starting from 3 hours 15 to 500 Participants regardless of weather conditions Austria-wide

Teams and pyramids do not only have the same way to function, both of them are also part of this innovative teambuilding programme. A strong foundation constitutes the basis of a good and effectively working team as well as of a solid building. These preconditions will allow the processes running within the team and the building to run smoothly and trouble-free. As a result of this your company will be successful and your employees will experience optimum working conditions.

A perfect training for communication, forward thinking and anticipatory action. At the same time concrete outcome is visible.

The participants are devided into teams first. Each team is provided with construtions plans, carton sheets and other materials which will support the team to build their three-dimensional object. Those single objects have to be set together in the right way in order to constitute the required figure. After the first part is accomplished cross-team collaboration will help to put together each teams figures to a big building. Not only logical thinking but also coordinated actions will lead to a huge Team-Pyramid.

Creative minds are asked to share their ideas in the next step of the programme. Upon your request the building can either be designed and coloured by the participants showing their artistic skills. It is also possible to present the company logo, the corporate values and the mission statement. Adhesive foils which are printed in advance can be prepared for your team event as well.

Since this programme is applicable indoor it is regardless of weather conditions. If you want to and the weather is fine we can also execute the programme outdoor with your group.

Of course we will take care of the carton cuts sustainable discharge.

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