The mobile seminar to become a master distiller!

Schnapps Distillation Experience

starting from 1 hour 10 to 100 Participants regardless the weather-conditions Austria-wide

You are looking for a tasty and delightful team building? Or do you want to upgrade the experience of the participants at the afternoon cake or at your company dinner? This one is the right idea. The Schnapps Distillation Experience will provoke interesting discussions and the participants will gain new skills since they will distill schnapps on their own. Under the guidance of our professional master schnapps distillers the results will taste delicious.

Furthermore the participants will gain knowledge about this handicraft and hear some secrets from the master schnapps distillers.

After the division into teams the groups can start to distill their own tasty schnapps. Slowly but surely it starts simmering inside the boilers. Then the participants can already try their schnapps for the first time. But before the schnapps tastes really good the teams have to separate the core piece from heads and tails from the distillation. The alcohol level will be reduced to the ideal drinking strenth before it is ready to be bottled. Of course the teams can try their freshly distilled schnapps as soon as it is ready.