Winter Sport like in former times!

Winter Triathlon ,,like in old days“

starting from 3 hours 15 to 150 Participants Austria-wide

You are looking for a programme that combines outdoor fun with winter sports and a touch of nostalgia?

Our Winter Triathlon “like in old days” is definitely the right choice. This programme feels a little bit like a journey through time. Back in the old days nobody knew the flexible “Carving”-Skis which are mostly used nowadays. The snowboard has also not been not invented yet.

So let’s try out the old equipment used for winter sports and the ancient techniques to handle it.
Take the staves and start off! With some helpful hints from our experienced guides you will manage to ski with them.

The second part consists of the famous sack sledding where you are fighting against the time. The “Partner-Ski” discipline comes next which is also absolutely entertaining.

As you can see the focus of this programme lies on team spirit, motivation and fun – an unforgettable experience is guaranteed!