Together we can achieve anything!

Team Training

starting from 2 hours 15 to 200 Participants Austria-wide

Your aim is to build a new team or to motivate an existing team for new success?

This experience-oriented training will support the participants in finding common grounds. Our very specific tasks are designed to demand solutions that are generated through teamwork. Among others the following stations await you: Collaboration Puzzle, Tower of Power, Scouts, Stack Man, Speed Stacking and others.

The benefits of the team taining are manifold: Your employees will build stronger relationships to one another as they get to know each other better. Furthermore they will understand that diverse skills are required within a team and that different perspectives are valuable and necessary in order to be successful as a team. We promote a more intense WE-feeling among your team as well as mutual trust. Beyond that the degree of identification with your company will be boosted.

The participants of the team training will return to the office with positive experiences, an increased level of motivation and commonly defined targets.