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Tips and tricks for planning the perfect company trip

The new year has just begun and the usual question arises: “Where should this year’s company outing go?” And the question is followed by the firs inward groan. “Not again” is what some people think. Year after year, the same bland compulsory event.


We ensure a successful company outing that will leave your employees with amazed faces, shining eyes and unforgettable memories. How? If yo follow our tips and tricks, nothing, really nothing, can go wrong.

But before we start, let’s clarify the most important question: What is a company outing and why is it so important for your company?

In most cases, a company outing is a one-day excursion fo the entire staff (but of course it can also be several days) financed by the employer. The focus is on strenghtening the working atmosphere, awakening theam spirit, getting to know the personalities behind the employees and building trust. In many large companies, employees from different departments have only a few points of contact and often only know each other in passing. So here is another advantage of the company outing – it is the ideal time to make contacts. Everyone is relaxed and chats more easily – usually also with the boss 😉



With our tips & tricks, we make planning your company outing easy.

What’s the aim of the company outing?

What do you want to achieve with the company outing? Should the working atmosphere be improved and the team spirit strenghtened? Do you want to integrate new employees into the team? Are there conflicts to be resolved?


How long should the company outing last?

Should it be a one-day company outing in the vicinity of the company location or rather a outing lasting several days with an overnight stay? Of course, this is always a cost factor – which brings us to the next point.


Set yourself a budget

In order to be able to plan a breathtaking company outing with lots of variety and exciting highlights, the budget must be within a feasible range. A tip from us: a good company outing with action & fun pays off because the employees come back to work with more commitment and motivation.


Set a date

Set your preferred date (preferably also an alternative date) and start planning in good time. If it is very difficult to find a suitable date, you can select 3-4 dates and start a team survey. The date on which the most employees have time is fixed – this way the majority has decided and there are no unnecessary discussions.

What do your employees expect from the company outing?

Think carefully about what you, and above all your employees, expect from the company outing and which activities suit your team. Are your employees more interested in culinary delight and enjoyment? Or do they want to actively hunt down nature? Shoult it be short or more related? You can also integrate this point into the survey.

And now the most important point: Decide & Book

You now know exactly what your employees expect from the excursion, have already fixed the date and have the budget in mind. Now it’s our turn – we will help you with the organisation and implemention and offer a holistic concept. Just give us a call – we’ll take care of the rest of the planning for you!



Last but not least, we have summerised our ideas for you:


All-In-One company outing: Nature, Adventure & Community:

Your team is so diverse that you can`t decide on one focus? You don`t have to. At the Land Rover Campventure, outdoor-loving employees as well as hard-working desk cowboys will get their money’s worth. Believe us – everyone jumps out of their office chair with enthusiasm! Whether the trip goes through Austira or beyond is entirely up to you. The team will be accompanied by us during the adventurous trip – so we are available in case of emergencies. Thanks to the built-in-kitchen module, nothing stands in the way of a BBQ in the sunset.

Campen mit dem Team

Relaxed & culinary company outing to geht to know each other

Explore Lake Balaton with our team by sailing yacht. Here your employees will find the ideal conditions on the water to get to know each other better and enjoy the day undisturbed. Culinary delights are provided for them at the marina. After the quiet sailing trip, the adventure continues on land with a jeep safari. The grand finale of the day is a dinner with aromatic wine and Hungarian specialities.

Company outing with team fun on the mountain pasture

In the “Joglland” region of East Styria, you will find the “BratlAlm” adventure tavern with the highest vineyard in Styria. Immediately after arrival, the team starts the day with the Farmers’ Olympics. Huge fun is pre-programmed during this hearty teambuilding. Team tasks such as cow milking and throwing rubber boots are waiting for your employees. But with skill, muscle power and, above all, teamwork, they will pass all the stations with flying colours. Of course, the alpine pasture experience also includes culinary delights – so you can round off the day with a real roast from the wood-fired oven.

Typisch Steirisch auf der Bratlalm

Company outing with team challenge at the lake

With the combination of team training, archery and raft building, your team will experience a true adventure in the great outdoors, directly on the lake at the Grundlsee. Teamwork is required for the various tasks – team training strengthens trust, archery requires accuracy and cohesion, and raft building also requires common sense. The idyllic location by the lake does the rest for this magical team experience.

schatz vom grundlsee_teamerlebnis



Did you already find the right thing for your next company outing? Then wait no longer and finalise the planning with us.

You need more ideas? No problem – we have pleny more up our sleeves!


Just write us at – we already looking forward to planning your company outing. But most of all, we look forward to see the amazed faces & shining eyes!


Author: Julia G. – RETTER EVENTS, 20.01.2022