Team building in rainy weather

4 tips for corporate events in rainy weather

Changeable weather, changeable mood? Certainly not with us! When others just want to snuggle up in a thick blanket, sip hot coffee from their cups and wait for it to finally stop raining, we really step on the gas. We certainly don’t let our teambuilding events dampen our spirits that quickly.

1st tip

Think positive

A basic attitude that should definitely be established in your company: if you leave the house with a positive mood in the morning, you will master even great challenges with flying colours. Moreover, employees who are in a good mood radiate fun at work. This i contagious and lifts the mood in the entire office. This in turn increases the work performance of the team as well as of individual employees. So you see: a positive attitude is good for you everytime and prevents a bad working atmosphere.


2nd tip

The coice of location should be well thought out!

There are a lot of versatile locations where you can implement both – outdoor and indoor programmes. If there are some weather-shy people amont the participants of your team day or if your chosen programme requires it to be dry and wrm outside, we recommend a well thought-out choice of location. Clarify your fallback options so that you can move indoors in the worst case scenario. For team events with an uncertain weather outlook, you should definitely book an additional seminar room so that you can change your plans at short notice. It is therefore important to always have alternative programmes at hand that ensure 100% satisfaction on the team day.

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3rd tip

Plan for bad weather!

In many cases, fair-weather programmes can be carried out as planned in changeable weather. After all, we don’t depend on sunshine and a little drizzle never hurt anyone. We are well prepared for that. With rain ponchos, funny umbrellas and pagoda tents, which we always have in our luggage, we can protect ourselves quite well from a few droplets. However, as soon as there are more and larger drops, an alternative should be proveded for. Of course, we are flexible with our programmes and can change within a few minutes. That’s why we always have a rainy-weather programme for your team-building event in our luggage and are well prepared for anything.


4th tip

Have a plan B!

Of course, programmes should not bei pushed trough wen it’s pouring with rain. A good atmosphere and the willingness of the paricipants to take part in the activities are essential for achieving the goals of the team event. That’s why you should always have an idea to act as a backup plan in case of a company outing with rainy weather.

If Plan B is finally used, this should bay no means mean that it is inferior compared to the original plan A. This is the hallmark of professional team event planning and only happens with amateurs. When we are on board, there is always an equivalent substitute programme that can take place indoors and, like the outdoor programme, is planned down to the last detail. Our guides are always ready and stand behind every event with their combined efforts. We are always ready to give 100%.


4 team-building ideas for bad weather

There are almost as many xciting and team-building programmes indoors as there are outdoors. Our favourites for a rainy day are definitely:

  • Escape Game: This game challenges the brain cells of every single participant. Through interesting knowledge questions, exciting action tasks and tricky games of skill, the team has to solve and crack open the puzzling box.
  • Chain Reaction: The royal class of theam building is especially popular for theam building events during bad weather. Togehter weith your teammates you have a head-to-head race with the coundown.
  • Making Movie: If you want to promote the creativity of your team, you can definitely achieve this by shooting a short film. This team-building activity produces a special “short-film” in a class of its own.
  • VR-Challenge – Plant your Planet: Based on the pillars of sustainable coexistence, this digital team challenge deals with currently relevant topics. Through targeted communication and ecological thinking, tasks are mastered and points are collected. Trees are then planted for the points achieved, thus supporting the environment.


With active team-building programmes, you won’t even notice when the storm rages outside. An empty seminar room offers everything that is needed for fun, excitement and action. Once again, good preparation is half the battle! With our tips, every event is saved before it can even go wrong. Even at the planning stage, many problems that often crop up at the last minute can be prevented.

We look forward to marking sure that your event doesn’t fall trough and that all partivcipants go home with new inspiration. So until the next RETTER EVENTS teambuilding, remember: “Rain is confetti from heaven”!




Autor: Alina P., RETTER EVENTS – 23.05.2019

Update: Julia G., RETTER EVENTS – 21.03.2022