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Team building in the summer

Summer, Sun, SEA!


It’s finally here – the long-awaited sun. Finally warm days, finally OUT to the SEA! Sweating in the sun, funny outdoor activities, fun, cool drinks and good humour!
We are looking forward to all of this soooo much! Aren’t you?

Spring hasn’t been kind to us, but now we are looking forward to a summer all the more. For that very special feeling we had to wait so many months for. At least we can dive back in, FINALLY SUMMER! We can only hope that the weather will be kind to us over the next few months. We are working diligently on it and emptying our plates to the last morsel. So nothing should stand in the way of imperial weather in the summer months.


So we are assuming perfect weather for this summer. What’s missing is the perfect location to really enjoy the summer. It’s not so easy to make this decision. There are countless idyllic spots in Austria. However, one province in particular is ileal for this. Whit its 1.270 lakes (!) and its imperssive scenic beauty, Carinthia is ideal for a refreshing and inspiring team event in Carintia with the entire team.




Close to the water and far away from the worries and problems of everyday life, your trip together will be a complete success and offers relaxation all along the line. Afterwards, they will be fully motivated and have freshly recharged energy reserves for their everyday work.
With the right tips in your luggage, nothing can stand in the way of an inspiring water experience, shaped by nature.


Four essential factors of a successful team outing should not be neglected under any circumstances:

  • FUN


When it comes to action, you can definitely count on our professional support. Wheather it’s a canoe tablet rally, a raft-building workshop, dragon boat races or beach games. We are bursting with ideas to make your team building, company outing or incentive an unforgettable highlight. Carinthia is guaranteed to be remembered by all participants for a long time!




It is important that the programme is tailored to the group and that special performances and needs are taken into account. In order to ensure that all participants have the same enjoyable and relaxing experience, our guides take care of a smooth process from the first minute to the farewell.


A professionally planned programme and its implementation is a success factor of such a trip that should not be underestimated. 
In addition, the accommodation also plays a dcisive role in a multy-day excursion. On the one hand, the Seepark Hotel Klagenfurt can offer everything you could wish for a short trip. It is idyllically located on a lagoon and invites you to feel good immediately. The Seepark Spa contributes just as much as the “Laguna” restaurant, which provides culinary delights.

The Werzer’s Hotel Resort in Pörtschach should not be missing from your list of hotel recommendations. It is a top wellness hotel with stylish furnishings. Maritime flair and deep relexation are effortlessly spread. The regional cuisine and the enjoyment of an evening drink in the sundowner lounge or the bar terrace are equally enchanting. You relly don’t want to go home from there.

But hat is exaclty what we are aiming for. If the participants of the Carinthia trip are still raving about these days for months, then our trips were successfully implemented and the goal was achieved. Lasting motivation and high commitment is also a logical consequence.


You need more inspiration for your Carinthia trip? HERE you can find more information 🙂

Or simply contact us; we have a few very special tips in store for you. 





Autor: Julia G., RETTER EVENTS – 05.05.2022