Endless anticipation of the team & bonding motivational workshops!

The event for motivation after the crisis

Regrouping after a crisis – many teams have to do this

Crises can occur in many different forms. It can be a global event that keeps everyone busy for a long time, international company incidents or regional circumstances. No matter it is, all crises have on thing in common: afterwards, you have to start again with a lot of motivation. Home office and so on play a major role here. After a long time along at home, we all look forward to seeing our colleagues and team members again and, avove all, to being able to exchange ideas with them. After such a long time, we are longing for the time when we can laugh together again, exchange ideas and listen to the stories of our office neighbours about what hasn’t happened to them at home lately. And even if there are many online alternatives: Exceptional team events are best done interactively and in person.

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All above, emplovees should be given enough time for these personal interactions. By the way, a motivational event is a great opportunity for your employees to experience shared moments in addition to communcative exchange. Motivational workshops are clearly in demand here!

Because some important qualities, which are learned in the course of various ideas for team training, may have been neglected in times of home office in many companies (due to the crisis). What are these?

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The 5 most important effects of motivational worshops for employees:

  1. Improved communication and teamwork!
  2. Increased performance due to more fun in working together!
  3. Higher commitment of the individuals in the company!
  4. Innovation and creativity are enable through new perspectives!
  5. Corporate culture is further developed and cohesion is strenghtened!

In addition to these central effects, there are a number of other positive effects of company outings, teambuilding offers and incentive events.

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The product range of providers for these kinds of events to gather joint motivation have grown considerably in the meantime. Recently, the market for virtual team events such as online escape games has developed further. Creative storylines and innovative spirit are constantly flowing into the conception of virtual events and are packaged with digital technologies into future-oriented team programmes. Since then, motivational games for adults can also be carried out quite easily online.

Of course we have them ready for you. The focus is on selected skills, such as communication over long distances, coordinated action and finding solutions quickly. Our online team building event can help your company to ensure cohesion even over long distances.

Events for motivation that can be carried out in the nature (for example a Dragon boat race) or int e urban jungle of Graz or anothr city act as real team spirit boosters. They also support the return to everyday team life immensely, because these motivational games for adults are a super mix of fresh air, fun tasks and shared memories.

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Every team has different needs! So when it comes to motivational workshops, care should be taken to take these into account when selecting the team programme.

First and foremost, however, it should be clarified which skills are already well developed in the teams and where there is still a need to catch up. This should guide the selection of motivational gamed for adults. But don’t worry, a teambuilding provider like RETTER EVENTS will be happy to advise you. Because we know what each of our programmes is designed for and what effects we want to achive with it.

Why do we take time for deteiled consultation and support you conscientiously in your selection?

Because nothing fulfits us more than happy participants who go back to their daily work with a new team spirit and improved skills. Experience the effects of events and joint motivation for yourself!

Simply send us an enquiry!

Until then, we wish you only one thing…

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Author: Alina P. – RETTER EVENTS, 27.11.2020 

Update: Julia G. – RETTER EVENTS, 21.02.2022