Summer calls for team spirit and good vibes

5 ideas for your summer party

The one, and often only, time when the entire staff gets together or a big party is usually Christmas. And then what? You don’t usually get together again – away from work –  until the next Christmas party. But why is that? Well, from our years of experience as an event agency, we know that organising and planning a successful company takes a lot of time. But in the long run, it is a valuable investment in your company’s team spirit and culture. So here is our tip:

Summer, sun, fun and … action!

Summer is by far the best time to organise a summer party. Away from the daily grind, away from the business, away from the stress – a company party is the ideal time to socialise and get to know each other outside the work environment. It brings people together and creates an unbeatable team spirit.

This is a perfect reason to plan a company party to share some personal moments and strengthen the feeling of togetherness.

With this in mind: We present you with the best ideas for your entertaining summer party, whether on your premises or at impressive locations in Austria –  and we have put together a wide variety of programmes that will create an energetic atmosphere and leave you with wonderful moments that you will remember for a long time to come.

Summer party: Team spirit and fun

Idea 1

The Wild West is calling

What better way to get into the summer spirit than with a big cheer and a cowboy hat? A perfect event where everything revolves around action-packed western games. Participants will have the rare opportunity to show off their rodeo skills or cowboy or cowgirl talents. And there are plenty of other activities: From roping and nailing to horseshoe throwing. The crowning glory of the event is a bull ride. Medals are awarded to the best riders.

Lasso werfen bei den Western Games von RETTER EVENTS

Idea 2

Alpine Farmers Olympics

Wonderful mountain air in summer will not only refresh you, but also give you the drive and energy to take on team challenges such as milking or sawing – a real adventure in the mountains! The views of the peaks and alpine pastures add to the holiday atmosphere. One thing is for sure: there is plenty of fun to be had here.

This type of event can also be held away from the mountains. As a real Farmer’s Olympics for example.

This is where you need all your muscle power, especially your laugh muscles. The event starts with pedal tractor reverse and a wheelbarrow obstacle course with the added challenge of the driver being blindfolded. Not to be missed, of course, is the gumboot throwing competition is not to be missed. Craft skills will be put to the test in the sawing and nailing competitions. The milking challenge is all about dexterity. The prize-giving ceremony is another laugh-out-loud moment as the best farmers are awarded golden hens.

An unforgettable company event with cool game stations, lots of fun and entertainment.

AlpenPlympiade_Wettsägen mit RETTER EVENTS

Idea 3

BBQ with the World Champion

The smell of charcoal is a must at any summer party. And food fresh from the open fire simply tastes amazing, especially when you prepare it together. The best thing about barbeques is that they are a communal event. That’s why team cooking with professionals such as double world barbeque champion Adi Matzek is a very special experience. You can look forward to the tasting afterwards. All we can say is: true barbeque culinary delights!

Summer parties and barbeques go together and make for a relaxed and fun time together. Useful tips for at home.

Idea 4

Summer Games

A summer lake adventure sounds like a great team challenge. At the Grundlsee, Stubenbergsee, Matsse or the beautiful Wörthersee. Each team designs its own flag and comes up with a battle cry. At the dragon boat race, there is not a dry eye in the group and no T-shirt will stay dry either. In addition, an XXL SUP challenge, cool team stations and a volleyball match provide plenty of action and exercise. There will be summer delicacies to keep you going in between.

If games and exercise are at the heart of a fun summer party, then this water-based team programme is the perfect summer highlight.

XXL Sup - Beach Games mit RETTER EVENTS


Idea 5

Formula One Day

A lot of fun, a test of skill and anything but a “normal” programme: a fast-paced soapbox race with a home-made soapbox, in which each team designs and assembles its “vehicle” together. Before the start of the team race, one or two bets are made. In the evening, there is always a ‘Drivers’ Party’ or ‘Race Party’ with a big prize-giving ceremony, DJ party, BBQ atmosphere and a 20-metre Carrera racetrack, which provides a racing atmosphere and even more team fun during the party.

A summer party with plenty of speed and action that keeps everyone on their toes. Plenty of excitement to build team spirit.


Soapbox race start

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