Feel like a photo model!

Annual Calendar Shooting

starting from 2 hours 15 to 100 Participants regardless of weather conditions Austria-wide

This program includes long lasting output. After being divided into teams you will pursue the aim to create your company’s annual calender. You will make use of the green screen technology as well as of a special photo software in order to shoot the perfect photos.

You will be provided with certain requisites for each season like water wings, summer dresses and straw hats for summer or christmas hats and ski goggles for winter. There are no limits set to imagination!

After the shooting there will be a presentation of the calender as well as of the making off. Following that the calender will be printed and can be marvelled at immediately after the program. It will bring great pleasure when it hangs on the wall at the office.

So have fun at the shooting and enjoy the entertaining afternoon!