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Human Joystick – innovative Energizer

Activating. Involving. Motivating.

about 30 minutes 10 to 500 Participants Austria

All attention forward and full concentration on the screen: With these entertaining conference openers and energisers, everyone in the room is immediately on the job and gets on board with great commitment.


Energiser 1: Save the strawberries!

Eagerly, your team tries to protect the strawberries from the sneaky attacks of the lurking birds. What happens on the screen can be controlled by the participation of all participants. There is clapping, stomping and loud shouting. With state-of-the-art technology and a sensitive sensor, the team’s effort is measured and transmitted to the screen.

Will your team manage to save the berries?


Energizer 2: Canvas Ping-Pong!

The participants are divided into two groups, which fight a hot duel with playful ambition against each other for the following minutes. The teams’ focus is on the screen and all eyes fix on the ball in the energising short game.

With outstretched arms that go skywards once to the left and then to the right again, the teams control the beam with which they have to catapult the ball into the opponent’s goal.


Entertaining & captivating. These energisers are bursting with dynamism and are highly effective as activating meeting openers, refreshing break programmes and pick-me-ups!


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