Digital Outdoor Team Building with Distance

Smartphone Adventure Rallye

ab 2 h 10 to 300 Participants regardless of weather conditions Austria-wide

This brandnew team programme establishes strong commitment in an unprecedented way.

Many of us have spent a lot of time at home, working from the home office for many weeks. No surprise that we miss our colleagues and especially the talks and jokes we laugh at with them.

How about a digital paperchase?

Our Smartphones Adventure Rallye makes a common outdoor experience for your employees possible. They are divided into teams in which every participant is equipped with his or her own smartphone. The teams have to find certain checkpoints in nature or in urban areas. In order to contribute to the best possible team performance a lot of communication is required. The diversified tasks are solved with creativity, common knowledgespontaneity and logical thinking.

Physical distance will be kept during the programme. Nontheless the participants will be forced to work together in order to perform well as a team.

This team building event can be executed (nearly) everywhere. In case you want the tasks to be built around a specific theme just let us know. Company specific branding is possible as well.

After the predetermined game duration is over all teams meet again at a set meeting point where the winners ceremony will take place.