Mobile - flexible - versatilely applicable!

Curling Lane Experience

starting from 1 hour 15 to 150 Participants Austria-wide

Our mobile curling lane is very popular among young and old.

Have you ever tested your curling skills or have you already devoted yourself to the sport? We can tell you one thing: great fun and entertainment are always present in this programme. After the division into teams the competition can begin. Despite that participats can also compete as single players.

The level of skills is not important. Dedication and comitment is all that counts.

We are mobilely on the way throughout the country – no matter where your event takes place.

If winter or summer, indoor or outdoor – the curling lane is very flexible and applicable wherever the groud is flat. The lane is made of plastic. So the participants can enjoy the curling fun at all outside temparatures

Our curling lane makes every christmas party, company celebration or your customer event unique and produces long lasting memories.