iPad and a cup of Punch will make you win!

X-Mas Punch Rallye

starting from 2,5 hours 15 to 400 Participants regardless of weather conditions Austria-wide

When you turn on the radio and every third song you listen to is “Last Christmas!” you can be sure that Christmas is coming near. Maybe other characteristics of this season are even better: For example the smells of mulled wine, cinnamon and oranges that are in the air of the Christmas markets.

This hi-Tech adventure will divide your group into small teams which will explore the Christmas market of your choice. The teams will discover tasty specialties of the region, freshly baked cookies as well as gingerbread houses and festive decorations. Delicious punch will support them in solving the given tasks. These include looking for certain sights, taking photos in special settings and shooting creative short movies. Some questions referring to the Christmas season will also be part of the rallye. On request also company-related tasks can be integrated.

Chase the best mulled wine with your own cup & give everything to succeed in the rallye.