Styrian Vulcano Land Enjoyment with Origin Olympics

A great trip to the Styrian Volcano Land!

1 day 10 to 150 Participants Feldbach

Hello in Styria’s unique centre of pleasure! Surrounded by hilly landscapes that invite you to dream, the Vulcano ham manufactory is located on a hill and offers a sweeping view of the surrounding region.

Immerse yourself in the world of ham and let the ham experts give you an insight into the production of the quality products in the course of the unique “Vulcano and Friends Experience”. After a cosy aperitif, the tour through the sacred halls of the manufactory – also called stables – awaits you. Let the ham experts tell you one or two secrets while you taste various international air-dried ham specialities and small regional appetisers.

We top off this already flavourful experience with regional wine tastings.

Your taste buds will yodel – we promise. Together with your colleagues, you are welcome to let out a few yelps during the afternoon programme that follows.

Freshly fortified, the participants will duel each other in teams at the entertaining Origin Olympics. The outdoor area of the Vulcano ham factory forms the playing field for the individual disciplines such as rubber boot throwing, wheelbarrow blindfold driving, nailing, sawing and cow milking.

The Vulcano pigs will be watching you and your colleagues closely and gruntingly cheering you on ; )



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