All-in-One Solution for digital-live product presentations, cycle meetings or conferences

Hybrid Business Event

variable max. 500 Participants regardless of weather conditions Austria-wide

Hybrid or digital-live Events enable extended reach and targetgroup-specific speech!

Get the best out of virtual and on-site: We make your hybrid conference, meeting or product presentation a remarkable online event!


We are ready to support you with single services or full-service solutions for hybrid events. Our offerings include ideation and conception of your digital-live event in the first step. Furthermore all steps of planning, organizationcoordination and execution are carried out professionally by our staff. We make sure that the technical production runs smoothly and all participants – no matter if they attend the event physically/on-site or virtually – experience a unique event day.

Therefore we support you in terms of location scouting, participant management (both live and remote attandees), speaker management, complete technical equipment, catering services and entertainment programmes. This is certainly on of our great strength which will transform your event to an unforgettable experience.

Hence you can focus on the conference content in a carefree manner without worrying about all the technical and other relevant aspects around the hybrid event.

Who of the participants will be present at the event venue and who is not will be your decision. The production team will be present in any case. Moderator, Keynote Speakers, Presenters and other involved persons can take part from any place.

We can realize your individual needs and special wishes!

In order to enable participants to experience a more intensive time at your event we recommend to involve all participants. Therefore we can provide special event programmes with interactive elements.

Benefits of hybrid Events?

  • Extension of the reachable target audience – nationally and internationally
  • reduction of travel costs and in time required to attend the event
  • lower location costs (by a smaller space requirement)
  • high security standards can be ensured
  • environmental protection by fewer CO2 emissions