A virtual sustainability adventure!

VR Challenge

starting from 3 hours 10 to 100 Participants egardless of weather conditions Austria-wide

CSR team event – VR challenge with fun and meaning for the whole team!

Your employees will experience three pillars of sustainable coexistence: social, environmental and health. In an innovative and digital way, this team game brings currently relevant topics closer in a playful way.

Divided into teams, your employees have to work together to achieve as many points as possible. One team member at a time will take turns working with the virtual reality goggles while the rest of the team gives instructions from the real world. Through goal-oriented and efficient communication as well as an ecological way of thinking, the team’s points account can be fed. In addition to the virtual tasks, the teams also have to master haptic tasks. Furthermore, riddles about current topics await the participants.


It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN Situation for your company:

1st Winner: Your employees since they grow together as a team more strongly through a common goal and they can develope

2nd Winner:  Our planet Earth: You can donate the total amount of achieved points of your teams during the challenge and buy trees to support our environment. Your company will receive an official certificate for the trees planted with your money.

3rd Winner: Your Company – in many ways: A well-functioning team with motivated employees is highly valuable for every company. The possibility to demonstate CSR activities is another positive outcome. Enhanced company reputation as well as growing interest in your company as possible employer will be other logical consequences.