The sledge transforms into your backpack!

Snowshoe Experience & Sledge Fun

from 2 hours 10 to 50 Participants Snow Austria

Experience a teambuilding activity in natural surrounding!

You will hike the hill up with modern snowshoes while you breathe in fresh montain air and observe the flora, fauna and amazing natural landscape. To get back down you will take off your backpack which is a ruckXbob. You just place it in the snow and start you ride down the hill. The ruckXbob as a combination of a sledge and a backpack also convices since it is the one and only sledge which can be used in deep snow very well.

No matter if the toboggan run is hard and icy or soft and wet, if there is meadow or a stony ground – the ruckXbob manages to make every ride a special one. You won’t forget this experience!