Murder investigations in the Home Office

Murder in Manor House

3 hours 10 to 500 Participants regardless of weather conditions worldwide

Team Spirit through commonly solved murder case from the Home Office. Digital Team Building that connects colleagues virtually and pushes effective communication as well as cohesion through shared accomplishments.

Your Task:

Take your team members and investigate on this mysterious murder. Collect clues and evidence, interview witnesses, analyze your findings as a team and combine your results cleverly.

Which team of  detectives will be the first to solve the case, find the weapon, the motive and unmask the murderer?

The participants communicate through a Video Call and use a smartphone app where the tasks are carried out. Step by step and task by task they come closer to the solution. Photo and video challenges are part of the game. Logical thinking riddles and AR – Augmented Reality – tasks will also challenge the participants in their exciting and funny murder hunt.

Purpose of the event:

Besides effective communication skills this team event pushes cohesion of the team and sense of belonging to the company. The participants will be required to combine hints logically and to think solution-oriented.

The required Equipment:

Not more than a good internet connection, a smartphone on which the participant plays and a laptop in order to communicate with team members via video call. Your Retter Events Game Master will supervise your team building event and supports you in case of difficulties.


Your team event will be supervised by a teamleader who will guide through the game and supports you in case of difficulties.

If you are interested in the demo version of the game, please contact us for an appointment for a video call where we can tell you everything about the team event.