Escape the Cyberspace

Break out if you can!

2 hours 10 to 500 Participants regardless of weather conditions worldwide

Your team event has been postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19? Oh no…Not the best prerequisites for team performance.

Our Solution: Team Building at the Home Office with our brand new Escape the Cyberspace!

Together with your colleagues you will focus on the key aspects of successful teamwork. New team spirit, fresh motivation and lots of fun will be included in the program.

Your Task: 

Prior to continuing to fulfill the duties on your home office agenda you have to escape the sinister room you are locked in with your colleagues. You have been hijacked and the kidnappers are already miles away. The door is locked and there is no other option to flee out of this dark and mysterious room than to open the lock. No windows, no ventilation slots, nothing. What happened?

The situation is not hopeless – as a good team your chances are quite good! Unite your team members knowledge, find hints and put together all of your mental power. Be agile and make use of individual strengths.

Exciting photo and video challenges, tricky assignments that require logical thinking will come up. Entertaining tasks have to be solved as well. Step by step you will accumulate information in order to find the required codes. Will you manage to break out of this bunker together as a team?

Purpose of the event:

Clear communication will be promoted as well as understanding of roles, mutual confidence and commitment to teamwork for collaborative success. The individuals  sense of belonging to the company will rise as well.

Those factors are key to successful team performances and easy to train since the team program can be conducted with very little effort. In this way you can prevent negative impact on team performance due to a lack of team spirit and the above named aspects.

The required Equipment:

Not more than a good internet connection, a smartphone on which the participant plays and a laptop in order to communicate with team members via video call. Your Retter Events Game Master will supervise your team building event and supports you in case of difficulties.


Your team event will be supervised by a teamleader who will guide through the game and supports you in case of difficulties.

If you are interested in the demo version of the game, please contact us for an appointment for a video call where we can tell you everything about the team event.

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