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Fun, Movement and Music!

Lipdub-Video Shooting

starting from 2 hours 15 to 100 Participants Austria-wide

Who is the next popstar?

In the course of this event you will experience a lot of fun compared with music and movement. Lipdub is a special type of music video which requires you to sing and dance. But don’t worry, your voice will not be recorded.

The group will be introduced to this special programme in the beginning of the event and some ideas concerning the performance will be presented. The choice of the song is upon you and your preferences. Following the opening words the participants will start off with the creation of a choreography. They will perform their song in a team feeling like superstars and will be filmed by a professional cinematographer.

For sure this will be an absolutely unforgettable experience, which demands engagement, creativity and a little bit of sense for rhythm. In order to contribute to a stunning performance restrained personalities will overcome shyness and demonstrate self-confidence.

As soon as you are done with the shooting the cameraman will start with the cut and set the video to music.

The excitements reaches it’s peak in the minutes before the music video is presented. You will be amazed by the result. The Lipdub-Video presentation will be the highlight of the day. Enjoy it, when another one of your childhood dreams comes true!