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Online Workshops: Sports & Creativity

starting from 1 h 10 to 500 Participants regardless of weather conditions worldwide

Virtual Team Event with sports or creativity:

Remote Teams benefit through social interaction and relaxed atmosphere. Online workshops for different preferences and for all levels of expertise. Common experiences connect and enhance social relations within the team!

Online Workshops – SPORTS:

Move your teammates and feel new energy as a result of this active and inspiring virtual team workshop. All you need is a glass of water and comfy clothes (and an exercise mat if you like). Our sports coaches will adjust the course-program to the groups individuals wishes and preferences. Therefore all levels can be served and your team will get back “in shape” together. Your teams online sports workshop options:

  • Meditation Workshop: Connect with the elements and experience a modern way of meditation. Open your heart for this anti-stress program and calm down. Find your inner peace and a special team spirit.
  • Yoga Session: Virtual yoga flow for your team with refreshing asanas (= yoga exercises) for a relaxed neck and a healthier back.
  • Online Team Fitness: Who needs a beach body when one can be in perfect (home-)office shape? You and your team! This varied team workout stimulates your teammates bodies, cardiovascular system and laugh muscles as well. That’s how WE-Feeling rises!

What Benefits you can expect:

It’s anything but competitive!  Each workshop focuses on joy of movement, new and positive body awareness for the individual participants. Your team will collect shared experiences and unique memories despite the distance between workplaces.

Gain long term benefits!  The exercises are especially designed to be integrated into a daily schedule. Repeat the short workout with colleagues at work or alone at home.


Online Workshops – CREATIVITY:

What all successful teams have in common? Right: They know how to solve problems with creative solutions and new ways to master challenges. To enhance these skills our creativity focused team workshops will help:

  • Watercolor-Painting course: Innovative spirit will revive. Awaken the artistic streaks of your team members and enjoy this online workshop in a relaxed atmosphere. This simple but inspiring painting technique will lead to surprisingly beautiful paintings and new team spirit.
  • Incense-Workshop: We turned a trending topic into a workshop which convinces even the sceptics. Inspirational Input and background information about the right usage of local herbs is part of it. Did you know about the disinfecting, cell-renewal and mood-lifting effects of incense?

Stimulating inventive talent and spreading inspiration are important especially in terms of remote work and a lack of social contacts for gaining new ideas. This creative workshops for teams focus on social exchange (beyond departmental boundaries), communicative efficiency and “Out-of-the-box-thinking”.

Required Equipment:

Everything the participants need for this virtual Online Workshop:

  • stable Internet Connection
  • SmartphoneLaptop or Tablet which will be used to communicate via video call with the other participants and the workshop guide.
  • No prior experience necessary!

One of our RETTER EVENTS Guides will guide you and your team through your event and makes sure that everybody experiences a memorable time. In case of technical challenges or other issues the workshop leader (RETTER EVENTS Guide) will provide support.