The Teambuilding marked by strength and honour!

Dragon Boat Race at Wörthersee

starting from 2 hours 30 to 150 Participants Pörtschach am Wörthersee

When the hottest season of the year starts Wörthersee is the place to stay at. Together with you we will set sail with a lot of motivation and plenty of enthusiasm. At this event you will detect certain dynamics and powers inside your team. Accompanied by the battle cry and a specially designed team flag the teams will deliver unimaginable performances.

After a joint warm-up for the event the teams will start paddling. With 10 people per boat the teams will start from our Partnerhotel Werzer´s Hotel  and explore and marvel at the beautiful Wörthersee and its surrounding by water. Alle the energy of the teammembers will be required as a bundle to reach the common goal. Every second counts in the end when it comes to the ranking of the teams. The much sought-after medals will wait for the fastest team.