How cooperation can be strengthened

Trust for your team

Our tips for better teamwork

Together we can make a difference – together we can achieve success

Do you trust your colleagues? Building trust is the key in almost all areas. No matter whether you are new to the company, want to win new customers or want to convince with new tasks. Trust in companies is a complex issue that is often difficult to grasp. The lack of trust in the team is the biggest obstacle on the way to a terrible cooperation.

Only if your team is perfectly attuned to each other, tasks of all levels of difficulty can be solved successfully. Good teamwork and a strengthened basis of trust not only bring joy to the work, but also an increase in performance in all areas. Team-building measures are therefore the most important tools of every HR manager and team leader. All teambuilding challenges have one thing in common: the conditions must be right!

We have considered which points are important for teambuilding events:

  • Creating a relaxed atmosphere
  • Finding the right environment
  • Actively integrate all participants
  • Adapt exercises to the grou
  • Define team goals together beforehand

Teambuilding challenges are often combined with events to strengthen the outputs in a positive way. There are no limits to ingenuity. With laughter, fun and motivation, memories will be created.

A sense of togetherness is a basic prerequisite for successful teamwork. Outdoor teambuilding promotes teamwork and offers a variety of opportunities to strengthen team trust. So classical exercises of the team training can be the start of a group exercise. The motivation is only stimulated with exciting challenges that challenge body and mind. Even the simplest team exercises can strengthen the team spirit. Fun is a factor that many underestimate. That is why it is important that teambuilding events always have a fun character. This can range from fun sports events to tricky puzzles.

But how can the team culture be improved and permanently strengthened? With our 6 tips you and your team will get off to a successful start:

1. tip

share positive experience with team members

It is important that managers integrate themselves as well as team members. Only when everyone works together can great things be achieved.

2. tip

give confidence

Trust is based on reciprocity. It is therefore important that team members can rely on the managers and their competence. At the same time, team leaders must be able to trust their colleagues. If an employee feels valued, he or she is willing to do more. Constant checks and far too detailed work instructions tend to have a negative effect, which subsequently triggers demotivation.

3. tip

create transparency

It is essential for team members to know why decisions have been made in this way. Only when these are comprehensible will employees make an effort to get even more involved with the project.

4. tip

see mistakes as opportunities

No man is perfect! That is why it is important to allow mistakes by employees and also by the boss and to see them as an opportunity to improve.

5. tip

keeping promises

For managers, as well as for the boss, it is important to keep promises and talk openly about them. Openness creates acceptance and helps to understand things better. Promises must absolutely be kept. Promises are often made for motivational reasons, but if they are not implemented, this does not improve trust.

6. tip

show interest in people

We are all people who want to be noticed. Genuine interest shows empathy and creates trust in each other. Neither leaders nor team members want to be seen only as workhorses, but as colleagues. A short conversation and short questions create a basis of trust and a feeling of cordiality in the team.

Trust is something that grows and takes time. With small tips and regular teambuilding events, the trust in the team is built up and strengthened. The only important thing is that people get involved with each other. Working consists not only of completing the work tasks, but also of trust.


Author: Katja Maria Meieregger, RETTER EVENTS – 15.05.2019