Treasure Hunt in Istria

Team truffle hunt in Istria!

starting from 2 days 10 to 200 Participants Croatia
Take a little break from everyday life and enjoy the charm of the croatian region Istria. The most beautiful
You will be richly rewarded by the unspoiled beauty of the region. The views on the sun-drenched shores of the Istrian Coast as well as the local wine roads will stay in your mind. The participants will  rave about this trip even months after their stay in Istria. Croatian flair is something really special and absolutely worth to experience.

Explore the stalactite cave of Postojna and undertake an extraoridnary journey into the subterranean rock. You can pick up some mediterranean snacks and Croatian Specialties while cruising to Portoroz. While you will be driving an exclusive vintage car you will enjoy stunning landscapes. During the Retro Photo Safari there will be plenty of time to take some snaps as well.

The search for this precious Trüffel is complex and requires a good eye and much experience. Despite that it will definitely represent the highlight of your journey. Since our experienced guides will give you some hints and tipps, your chance of finding truffles is pretty high. A traditional truffle tasting session will round off the day. The combination of culinary and adventure will undoubtedly amaze all of the participants.

Of course we will arrange an individual programme for you and your team. The emphasis can be put on the topics you prefer.


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