Why is teamwork so important?

Together strong

Achieve success – work together

Many tasks to do, employees try their best but your team has no success? Does that look familiar to you? If the working atmosphere is not really tingling and the mood is already tense during morning coffee, then not everything runs smoothly in your company. Who wants to work in a company where you don’t feel comfortable? After all, we spend around 16% at work. Even if at first it doesn’t sound that much, it’s way too much to be unhappy and and overworked at the Office.

So we spend so much time with our colleagues, therefore it is particularly important that employees feel comfortable in the company.
If your employee try to do the tasks in the best way, then the working atmosphere must simply be right. And not just one day a week. It’s not really hard either. Points which are theoretically written in every corporate vision would simply have to be lived by the bosses and the employees. There is no explanation that can be proven with studies, what makes a team really successful. But successful teams need team spirit, trust and good communication.

As a rule, teams do not function by themselves! Smooth and productive processes right from the start are the exception. People achieve more when they can trust in company´s vision. A good way to achieve this is a simple teambuilding event? Team activities strengthen trust and increase motivation. In other words: Teambuilding is a must! After that, everyone prefers to go to the office.

Whether in project planning, customer care or accounting – a well-functioning team is important for the daily business. So ideas and activities should be collected in teams. Really involve your employees actively in planning and listen to suggestions.

Teambuilding events are designed to strengthen communication between team members. Even more – the communication should be meaningful and demanding. Common tasks promote trust in the team, which increases the motivation and energy of the employees. Why don’t you try a teambuilding event where the aim is to achieve something together and work together.

Only when you have created something together and fought your way through difficult challenges can you look back on memories. Teambuilding events create a relaxed atmosphere in which tricky topics can be tackled playfully and different opinions can be discussed openly. As you know, laughter is the best medicine! The morning meeting in a cool meeting room is hardly a pleasant place to speak about sensitive matters. Unofficial conversations around a campfire or in a fun team challenge can create more togetherness than you think.

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your employees with varied teambuilding programs. In this way, you can give targeted and individual feedback which will really make a difference in daily’s work. Use your teambuilding events as an energy booster and take the positive atmosphere with you into your working day.
Well okay: Teambuilding events are not a panacea and won´t completely change the working day from one day to the next. We all know that….

In everyday life it may take a little more than just spending time together, so that a team can be formed and harmonise with each other. BUT: It’s a start! No matter how you turn it, you can never lose with such an event.
Generally supporting employees definitely pays off and binds their know-how and knowledge to the company.


Author: Katja Maria Meieregger, RETTER EVENTS – 27.05.2019